Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Hello everyone I know I haven't post in my blog for a long time, but when you have two small kids to raise, and a million things more to do every day, it turns a little hard, I still have three more photo sessions that I want to post in my blog and share with you guys! 

But for now I wanted to share this gorgeous summer family photography, I absolutely love the images; This family photo shoot was held close to Chatfield Reservoir, It wasn't a perfect afternoon, actually there was a thunderstorm, and we were kinda worried to be on the open field shooting some pictures, luckily anything happened and I could capture a very nice sunset that I could integrate in the pictures. 

I felt very honored when Janice contacted me and explained the reason why they wanted to have a family photoshoot, it's a tradition in her family that each anniversary, they take some pictures to celebrate one year more as a couple and family, isn't this amazing?

So, of course, I tried to make a very special photo shoot for them, I asked them what do they want in the pictures, and they told me that they loved to escape to the countryside and to run and jump about and really enjoy being together. with some grass fields, so I thought in this location, I never shoot there before and I knew it was the perfect one, with the old barn that gives a little of a boho style to the pictures.

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything" Michael J. Fox

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